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Will’s IPTV was created to inform people that they have options other than the ever growing cost just for a little entertainment of watching television. Like you, I used to pay $250+ per month for television would you like to cut that cable and pay about $13 per month per television and cut the cable once and for all? No more ugly box awkwardly sitting somewhere in the room which limits where you can sit your television? Access to thousands of channels instead of 30 basic channels which is packed with informercials all the time? The ability to watch your programming from your television, tablet and computer? An affordable alternative to skyrocketing pricing? Simple self setup with equipment you probably already have? If you have answered yes to any or all of the questions above, send us a message so we can get you set up and watching better television in minutes!

Why is the cost so much less? You aren’t having to pay for cables that have been ran and paid for for years! No expensive boxes to rent or lease controlled by the service provider and held hostage by them. You don’t have to pay for some equipment hanging in the side or top of your house. Not supporting some billion dollar a day company that outsources most of their services at little cost to them but a huge mark up to the consumer.

What do you need?
Internet service to stream the programming to.
A device to accept the streaming and you may already have them! If not we can help you get them and even program it for you and no, not $100s of dollars either. We suggest the Fire Stick but it can also be played on IOS devices, Roku 3, Adnroid boxes and others.
Last but not least....the streaming service which is what we do. We sell the subscriptions to you the consumer.
That’s it! As low as $13 per month per connection and you can wave bye-bye to that huge monthly television bill! 

What all can you watch?

Live TV

Movies/Movie Channels

TV Shows

EPG Guide

Click the link below to go to our subscriptions and device page and order directly from our own page. We accept all major credit cards. As a bonus, the more connections and months you purchase at once, the less our service costs! 

Subscriptions and Devices  <------link

We will be updating this page with instructions and information for any needed. Any questions please feel free to send us a message.